Camo Infant Car Seats

Camo infant car seats. Baby car seat for sale. Recalled graco car seats

Camo Infant Car Seats

camo infant car seats

    car seats

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Car seat 2

Car seat 2
Ready to go home, wearing giant clothes to make him look extra tiny. He was going to wear a different babygro to go home in, but to the joy of the medical students examining him he annointed it with urine and had to be changed (shortly before releasing a fantastic stool for them to study).

Camo BrickArms – Inkjet Printer (1 of 3)

Camo BrickArms - Inkjet Printer (1 of 3)
Tan and Dark Tan BrickArms (yes, DARK TAN BA) overprinted with a simple camo bitmap #1 with my solvent inkjet printer.

I let each pass dry, so the ink wouldn’t run. They turned out better than I had hoped.

These are only a test…for now!

camo infant car seats